I offer a number of manuscript processing services.


I offer two standard types of copy-editing: standard edit and comprehensive edit. In a standard edit I will check and correct the manuscript's language on the points of spelling, grammar and punctuation, as well as adjust its style to make it conform to the chosen standard. I will not review the content or adapt the structure of the manuscript.

In a comprehensive edit I will, in consultation with the author, give a thorough review and revision of content in order to improve its structure and quality of communication. Besides this I will also check and correct the manuscript's language on the points of spelling, grammar and puctuation, as with the standard edit.

Besides these standard types I also offer author-specific copy-editing services. This means I will check and correct a manuscript based on the specific instructions and wishes of the author. This is most useful for authors who want specific issues in their manuscript reviewed, without too much attention being paid to any other points.


Apart from copy-editing I also offer translation services, specifically from Dutch to English. I have worked on a freelance basis as a translator for a number of organizations, where I have specialized in the fields of life sciences, medicine and education. Besides these specific fields I also have experience with general Dutch to English translations.


You are welcome to submit a manuscript for a price quotation. This is generally returned by email within two business days of receipt of the manuscript. The price quotation is free of charge with no further obligation. My estimate is based on an hourly rate of 34 euros (or equivalent in other currencies). For translations a per-word rate can also be agreed upon.

Please specify in your email if you wish for standard or comprehensive copy-editing to be conducted, or if you have any specific instructions or wishes. You can also ask me to review the article, after which I can advise you on which type of copy-editing would deliver the best result. I will send you a price quotation based on the type of service you have requested.

The manuscript can be sent by email as an attached document. Microsoft Word documents are preferred, but other formats are also accepted. If desired, the copy-editing can be done with the "track changes" option of Microsoft Word, which allows you to view the changes and accept or reject them. Authors are consulted about any passages that are not absolutely clear, thus avoiding any modification of the author's original intention.